Camp Turk Welcomes Children from Ukraine

Camp Turk Welcomes Children from Ukraine

This summer something extraordinary is happening. Thirteen teenagers from the war-torn country of Ukraine will fly to New York City and travel to Woodgate, New York to a very special place — Camp Turk. Camp Turk spans more than 1,500 acres of land in the Adirondack Park and is surrounded by trees and private Round Lake. It is a unique place that beckons of yesteryear and will provide these children a safe haven from a never-ending storm. With more than 30 different camp activities including land and water sports, arts, music, theater, hiking and biking, these teenagers will have the opportunity to be kids once more.

Many caring, people have rallied together to make this opportunity possible. Specifically, Brother Masons from the New York State Masonic Fraternity including the Fraternity’s Grand Master Richard Kessler and Deputy Grand Master Steven Adam Rubin and his team of colleagues, the Trustees of the Masonic Hall and Home, and the Grand Lodge of Ukraine.

In 1893, the Masonic Home opened in Utica as a home for Masons, their wives, widows and orphans. In 1923, the land at Round Lake was purchased to provide children and residents of the Masonic Home with a place to enjoy in the summer. Over the years, the camp grew and it is now open to all children. 

Today the Camp Turk program hosts campers ages 8 to 16 and is open for three, two-week sessions including a two-week boys’ camp, a two-week coed camp, and a two-week girls’ camp.

Not only will these teenagers from Ukraine be part of the Camp Turk season, but staff are coming from around the globe including England, Ireland, Turkey and Switzerland providing a cultural exchange experience for everyone. To learn more about Camp Turk, or registration for the Camp Turk program, please visit Openings for Camp Turk are still available!

This year will also mark the 100th anniversary of the Round Lake property. What a special summer season it will be as these children from Ukraine join with other children to create friendships and memories that will last a lifetime!