Campers in life vests by the lake

Camp Turk Safety Regulations & Policies

While the ultimate goal of Camp Turk is to provide a fun-filled, safe environment for all of our campers, it’s important that we make you aware of both our state safety regulations and policies. These are developed with the health and safety of our campers in mind, and must be reviewed prior to your child coming to Camp Turk.

State Safety Regulations

The state code stipulates that the following information be shared with parents/guardians of our campers:(1) that such camp is required to be permitted to operate by the New York State Department of Health / Oneida County Health Department; (2) that such camp is required to be inspected twice yearly; and(3) the address where inspection reports concerning such camps are filed: Oneida County Health Department, Adirondack Bank Building, 185 Genesee Street – 4th Floor, Utica, NY 13501

Children’s Camps in New York State Brochure

Camper Rules

Campers receive a complete orientation to all health & safety rules on the first day of camp. You should make sure they are familiar with some of the following rules before attending camp. The following are not allowed: smoking, drugs or alcohol, stealing, fighting, bullying, possession of weapons or dangerous objects, leaving the camp area without a counselor.

Camp Policies