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At Camp Turk we know that our outstanding staff members are truly the heart and soul of our program. In order to lovingly teach, nurture, support, cheer on, care for, and bring out the very best in each camper, we must have a staff of extraordinary and selfless individuals willing to give the best of themselves each and every day of summer camp.

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Positions We Offer

Key Staff: Assistant Director, Male Head Counselor, Female Head Counselor, CIT Director & Program Director.

Area Directors: Hiking & Biking Director, Arts & Crafts Director, Theatre Director, Music Director, Waterfront Director(s), Field Director(s), Dance Director

General Counselors:
We employ 3 counselors per camper cabin.

Lifeguards: We offer lifeguard training and certification through the American Red Cross to any counselors who are interested.

Various Other Roles:
Nurses, Driver, Photographer, Kitchen Staff

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Joining Our Camp Turk Team

Who are Camp Turk staff members? They are individuals who truly enjoy working with children and are able to bring out the full potential within each child. They are positive, spirited leaders who desire to serve as teachers and role models. They are hard-working team players committed to always doing what is in the best interest of the campers. Camp Turk staff members are caring, dynamic people who love to play and have tons of fun, yet never lose sight of safety and responsible leadership.

Our Camp Turk staff is made up of college students, educators, coaches, athletes, artists, and performers who come from diverse backgrounds yet share an appreciation for the incredible impact of the summer camp experience. They are individuals who value and respect differences in children and adults, and are dedicated to ensuring that each camper and staff member is a valued member of the Camp Turk community. They are outstanding people, ready and willing to create the summer of a lifetime for themselves and all of our campers and staff. They are the heart of Camp Turk!

2024 Session Dates

All sessions are coed. Campers’ ages 7 to 16.

Staff training starts on June 23rd and staff depart camp on August 18th & 19th.

Jul. 7th - Jul. 20th | Jul. 21st - Aug. 3rd | Aug. 4th - 17th

Jul. 7th - Jul. 20th

Jul. 21st - Aug. 3rd

Aug. 4th - Aug. 17th

The Most Challenging and Rewarding Job You'll Ever Love

If you love working with children, if you treasure living and playing in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains, and if you are willing to give 110% of yourself for the entire camp season, then working at Camp Turk may be an amazing opportunity for you. At Camp Turk, we have the highest expectations for our staff, and we are there for them every step of the way to ensure a successful, fulfilling summer. Our staff members know that at Camp Turk they will be trained, mentored, and supported by the very best! If you are prepared for a truly challenging, yet extremely rewarding summer experience, then we would love to meet you! 

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